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Oslo Pride:
The darker side of the rainbow

With this event at the Oslo Pride, Pint of Science Oslo wants to start a new trend giving visibility to all those disciplines usually less represented in science communication events. Science is not only far away stars and strange smelling sludges. Social and human sciences play an essencial role in the understanding of our world!

Knowledge has to be universally available to everyone and this means communicating not only scientifically correct contents, but also using an understandable language and an open attitude. Pint of Science Oslo is very proud of hosting Esra Ummak, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Social Studies of the VID Specialized University.

Youngs (downstairs)
Sunday 19.06.22
13:00 - 14:00 
The event is in English
pic - Esra Ummak.JPG

Ass. Prof. Esra Ummak:

When Intimate Partner Violence Happen in Ethnic and Sexual Minorities: Lived Experiences of Queer Women in Norway:


Drawing upon in-depth, semi-structured interviews, the study explored how queer women from ethnic minority backgrounds in Norway understand and experience intimate partner violence (IPV). 

Based on an intersectional approach, the study highlights and discusses how having multiple minority positions may inform and affect the way participants experience IPV. The analysis shows that participants’ experiences of IPV are shaped by their multiple minority statuses in Norwegian society. A discussion will be provided that revolves around how being a sexual as well as an ethnic minority generates a significant power imbalance for the participants in their relationships.

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