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How to combine conscience con science
Come listen to researchers presenting their project and ask them your questions! 
Friday 21st May 2021

Pablo Ignacio Soto Mota

PhD, Norwegian School of Economics

Covid-19 in Mexico City: behaviors, beliefs and attitudes

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone all around the world. However, Mexico City has been one of the places where the problem has been worse. To better understand Mexico City residents' response to the pandemic, we administered an online survey on their behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes towards the virus. Also, we designed four behavioral experiments to learn about the effect of corruption, the government's credibility, facemasks, and different ways to communicate the need for protective behavior. I would present our results of this survey along with some public policy implications.



MImi E. Lam
Researcher, UiB

What COVID-19 Personality Type are You?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has united humanity with a common enemy: SARS-CoV-2. But rather than being united in our actions, we are divided by our different behavioural responses. I have identified 16 emergent COVID-19 personality types, including: Deniers, Realists, Worriers, Contemplators, Rebels, Exploiters, Innovators, and Altruists. Our different COVID-19 identities are politicizing the global pandemic and heightening racism, discrimination, and conflict. We are not immune to the virus or to each other. To unite in our fight against it, we need to recognize the basic dignity of all and value the human diversity currently dividing us.


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