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Let's talk: Can you decode my message?
Come listen to researchers presenting their project and ask them your questions! 
Thursday 20th May 2021

Isaac Canales-Martínez

PhD, UiB

The unfamiliar tool in everyday online communication

Communication is a fundamental process within human civilization. As our society evolves, the way in which we communicate also evolves. Perhaps the most striking change occurred with the development of digital communication. This has allowed us to enjoy services tailored to our personal needs and preferences and, in some cases, has drastically reduced, even replaced, human interaction. Most of the times, communication occurs in an insecure channel, like the internet. Here we will briefly explore Cryptography, a tool that makes it possible to establish secure communication using an insecure channel.



To be multilingual means...

What does it mean to be multilingual? The main purpose of our talk is to encourage the audience to explore this question while interacting with data visualizations. The visuals are based on the answers of 593 students from lower secondary schools and they part of a study conducted at the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Bergen. The visuals were originally designed to make schoolchildren reflect on multilingualism while working with research data they helped generate.

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André Storto

PhD , UiB

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