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A day in Science
Friday 21st May 2021
EVENT 6.00PM-8.00PM

A year on ice (Concordia station, Antarctica)

I have lived for a year in the Italian-French research station Concordia in 2017-2018, in the high Antarctic plateau to take care of 5 research projects. My talk will be about the science that is carried in this extreme environment as well as the human experience that it was to be in complete isolation with 13 persons living the cold, the altitude, the long polar night being cutting of from the world.

Coline Bouchayer

PhD, UiO

Helene Knævelsrud sept 2019.jpg

Fruit fly sex in cancer research

I will present how fruit flies can be used to study cancer. I will tell about how we use these flies in our daily research, how we need to give them food and the right conditions and how we make crosses to study genes involved in cancer - and what this can lead to in the future.

Twitter: @KnVelsrud

Helene Knævelsrud

Senior Scientist,  OUH


A year in the life of bats in Oslo

I can give a talk on the annual life cycle of bat species found living in Oslo. This would include information about bat reproductive cycle, how life strategies vary across species and information on the general conservation status and ecology of Norway's flying mammals.

April McKay


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