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Dog eat dog
Thursday 20th May 2021
EVENT 19.30-21.30 (CEST)

Marte Solheim

Associate Professor, UiS

Good Friends - How every particle of difference gets like mountains in your eyes”

People tend to prefer engaging with and befriend similar others. However, when you are surrounded by sameness, you only produce variations of the same. Innovation is a social process where people meet to solve something, and innovation often takes place when a variety of knowledge intersect. In my research, I have investigated how various types of diversity is associated with different innovation outcomes, and the contextual surroundings affecting this association. In my talk, I will touch upon these issues, as well as inclusive practices that leverage the potential of diversity for innovation



Fiction - Leaders are not important

Fiction: Leadership is something leaders do.
Reality: Leadership is a collective process.


Rune Todnem By

Professor, UiS Business School


Tom Brökel

Professor, UiS Business School

Smokin' [Empty, try another]: Innovation and growth

At no time in history has mankind invented so many new products and service as today. And there is no end in sight, as governments and companies alike continue fueling the innovation engine by pumping ever larger resources into R&D. However, economic growth is somehow not keeping up with it: Growth rates seem to stagnate or even decrease in most countries. What is s behind this? Are ideas generally harder to find? Do they happen in places and fields not generating economic value? Or, do we simply fail in measuring their effects? Let’s discuss!



Siddharth Sareen

Associate Professor, UiS

Shiny Toys - How the digital transition will turn us into shiny toys

Digitalisation holds much promise. It is key to enabling sustainable energy transitions. By digitalising, high-emission sectors can use clean electricity. Our cities can become better places for fulfilling lives. But digitalisation comes with strings attached. It is the darling of many self-interested actors, who just want to sell us shiny toys. This talk is about shiny toys, about the nonsense and hubris that accompany digitalisation. Joni Mitchell sings: "Shiny toys, when it's over / Don't you hate to have to put your toys away". We have to put away the shiny toys, and digitalise to do simpler and better things.


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