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Green: Green Transition In Stavanger

Hotel Victoria






Tor Gunnar


A technology roadmap towards a smarter grid

Sandnes, Norge

How can we use technology to shape the future of our electrical grids, and how might we change the way we use energy today on a daily bases, can it be solved with the use of smart devices?

Han Ho


Energy Conversion by Hybrid Electrochemical Reaction

Løkkeveien, Stavanger, Norway

The energy converting devices such as batteries are getting more important accordingly the society has been more evolved and sophisticated. The demands for the energy converting devices are continuously versatile as well. Beyonder has explored the boundary between conventional battery and capacitor, we will contribute to have better environment and society by Beyonder's new generation batteries.



Role of Cement in Civilization and Global Warming

University of Stavanger

Role of cement in civilization and the need to build more structures is undeniable. Romans and Persians used cement to build structures. However, cement contributes to 6-8% of the total global CO2 emission. The main root of Co2 emission is energy used for calcination of limestone and CO2 freed from calcination of CaCO3. Geopolymers are alternative materials to replace cement.

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