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We don't know what the future looks like - or do we? Today's actions and decisions determine tomorrow. How do we deal with our need for raw materials? How can businesses become more sustainable? And what is the role of scientists in shaping the future?

Alternative futures: it's in our hands

24 May 2023


Habitat Bar

Olav Tryggvasons gate 30, Trondheim, Norway

Event will be in English





Green angels - specialised investors for startups

In my PhD, I investigate how business angels (BAs) add green value to ventures and how these value-adding activities are dependent on the BAs’ sustainability characteristics, i.e. motivation to invest, sustainability competence and sustainability investor activity. By understanding better how BAs add sustainability value as investors for green ventures, startups can make better investor choices.


Vallejo Olivares


Pushing the limits of Aluminium Recycling

Aluminium is one of the most successful examples of reclycling, but it is still far from perfect. Where are the leaks in the circularity loop, and how can consumers, government, researchers and industry join forces to fix them? This talk will cover the science of recycling, challenges, some prevention tips against greenwashing, and discuss alternative solutions.




Scientists in rebellion

Movements such as Scientist Rebellion, where scientists openly express their values in outreach efforts, are shaking our understanding of the roles of scientists in the society. However, even The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committee guides researchers to act as whistleblowers on the grounds of their societal responsibility. This talk invites you to discuss the many roles of scientists.

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