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Dive right into the blue and discover what's there under (and around) the sea with our four local scientists!

Into the blue (ecology)

22 May 2023

18:30 - 20:30

Prelaten Bar

Sjøgata 12, Tromsø, Norway

Event will be in English




The Univeristy in Tromsø; The University Centre in Svalbard

Hidden life in sea ice

What do you see when you think about sea ice? A place mostly devoid of life? A cute seal? Would you believe me if I told you that right underneath the vast whiteness is a whole ecosystem? A community that is alien-like and connected to the rest of the Arctic marine ecosystem. Small, but mighty creatures that will open your eyes to a whole new world.


Chamorro Garrido


Lofoten oceanic mosquitoes

Some marine zooplankton species look like mosquitoes when we take them out of the water! Especially Calanus finmarchicus, a very well-studied species due to its importance in the development of some fish species of commercial interest and for high latitude ecosystems, as it plays an important role in the lower level of the trophic chain.




The evolution of animal complexity

See webpage or contact me




How to startle a whale (and why)?

Whales have been observed foraging on overwintering herring near Tromsø. Since both humans and whales target herring, conflicts arise. To mitigate conflicts, we identified underwater sounds that startle whales. Using biologging tags, we are evaluating the efficacy of this approach. Hopefully the information we learn can be used to deter whales from dangerous anthropogenic activities globally. 

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