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Sustainability, green transition, renewable energy or carbon capture. Many of us have heard these names thousands of times, but do we actually know how these actions are going to change our Planet for the better? Tonight’s experts will try to make it clearer for us.

Ticket = alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage at the venue

Powering a Changing Planet

23 May 2023

18:00 - 21:00

House of Nerds

Vulkan 18, Oslo, Norway

Event will be in English





Decisions under uncertainty for European decarbonisation

In my talk I will talk about some of the challenges of the green transition of the energy sector in Europe and present how this complex system can be modelled. I discuss how decarbonisation must be a joint societal effort and how this research is also done through many scientific disciplines.




Empowering Individuals: Join the Energy Transition!

Through small-scale energy resources, such as photovoltaic panels managed by households, individuals and communities could take back control of our energy and turn the tide against profit-driven environmental destruction. I will present research that demonstrates the significance of these systems, and the range of benefits to their local entities, including increased energy independence, reduced carbon emissions, and lower energy bills.



University of Oslo

CCS: Green-washing gimmick or critical climate strategy?

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the simple and compelling idea that we can capture CO2 and store it deep underground, but is it really effective? Or is it a distraction that will end up prolonging our use of fossil fuels? I will delve into the science behind CCS, to understand how it can be implemented safely and effectively to reduce CO2 emissions, as part of a broader energy transition.

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