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Recent years have seem dramatic events, from major eathquakes to the fall of authoritarian governments entagling the fight for freedom of speech with online misinformation. Tonight we explore how AI can help fight fake news and at the same time how essential free speech online is. And not to forget: earthquakes!

Zero: a disruptive force

24 May 2023



Søregata 22, Stavanger, Norway

Event will be in English




University of Stavanger and Factiverse

Zero trust: Combating misinformation with machine learning

Trust is essential for a democracy. Online misinformation has become rampant in recent years, threatening the trust. Automated fact-checking using AI models has shown promising results to combat misinformation, thanks to several large-scale datasets which are available. In this talk, I will discuss how machine learning and AI can help in combating online misinformation.



University of Stavanger

Zero Richter Scale: Autonomous seismic acquisition

This presentation will focus on a project aimed at improving geophysical data acquisition for near-surface imaging through the use of autonomous multi-scale and multi-physics platforms. The goal is to develop low-cost manned and unmanned acquisition systems that can simultaneously gather multiple types of data, resulting in a multi-physics dataset that significantly improves subsurface imaging.



Amnesty International

Zero Freedom of Speech

Look into freedom of speech today through the cases of two individuals; climate activist Shahnewaz Chowdhry from Bangladesh and artist Luis Manuel Otero from Cuba who are boing been punished for speaking up through social media.

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