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From helping humans thrive in space to exploring the coldest parts of the universe to a vital aspect of music, this evening looks for zero where no one has looked before.

Zero: an unexpected encounter

23 May 2023



Søregata 22, Stavanger, Norway

Event will be in English




Professor Olav Hanssens vei 7A, 4021 Stavanger, Norge

Zero Gravity: training humans in weightless VR

How can we prepare for work in space while on the ground? How do we compete with AI and robots in the work environment? How do we ensure a safe and productive workspace for everyone? Dr. Felix Gorbatsevich touches on Zero Gravity and VR, outlining the work that the Norwegian company PaleBlue does to establish a safe working environment for people on Earth and in space.




Zero temperature: ultra cold matter

Let's dive into the world of ultra cold matter, a place colder than outer space, where materials show surprising new properties, and certain truths are put to the test.



Solåsveien 8B, 4016 Stavanger, Norge

Zero, how can the concept of nothing be related to music?

Music is motion, vibration. Can there be music without sound, and how is music dependent on its percieved negation, silence?

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