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Energy challenges & ideas for a greener future

21 September 2023 at 16:00:00

House of Nerds, Oslo

Vulkan 18, Oslo, Norway


Event will be in English





University of Oslo

How can materials chemistry help developing better solutions for energy and environmental technologies?

I will present and discuss challenges and opportunities that do exist with respect to new and improved materials that can accelerate better solutions for energy and environmental technologies - with less CO2 foot print - and also point out the urgent needs for candidates and research in order to have sufficiently rapid progress - in Norway and internationally




University of Oslo
Oslo Kommune

Deep transformation needed. How climate policies require new approaches and understanding of justness in urban mobility

Oslo’s climate policy is both ambitious and celebrated - both internally and within international policy networks on climate. At the same time, climate policies are disputed. When it comes to everyday mobilities about half the population is supportive, the other half is not. Better understanding of people’s mobility and the possibilities they have in terms of different kinds of resources is a key in this transformation.

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