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13 May 2024 at 17:00:00

Stereo, Christies gate 14, Bergen, Norway

Our new digital world


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Today's talented Speakers!
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Roberto Parisella


Impagliazzo's Five Worlds: about the Power of Computer Science

Imagine being the teacher of a genius like Gauss.
You would like to find a problem so hard that Gauss cannot solve it, and possibly share the solution with all other pupils.
Is it possible to do so?
This anecdote tells about the most important open problems in computer science.
How powerful a computer could ever be?
Could we use the hardness of some problems to design cryptographic primitives?

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Junyong You

Norwegian Research Centre

Generative AI: history, present and future

Generative AI is becoming more and more popular. I will embark on a journey through the evolution of generative AI, tracing its roots from the initial concepts (such as VAE and GAN) to the cutting-edge development (e.g., ChatGPT, SORA) that define the filed today. I will explain how generative AI models (GPTs, Stable diffusion, etc.) have revolutionized creative tasks by generating text, images.

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Nikolay Kaleyski

Department of Informatics, UiB

Cybersecurity: testing, breaking and patching vulnerabilities

In this talk, we will discuss how principles from mathematics, computer science and engineering are combined to build secure communication systems; why and how cyberattacks are possible; and what measures can be taken to counteract these attacks — including some practical tips for protecting your privacy and staying safe online.

Our new digital world
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