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15 May 2024 at 17:00:00

Stereo, Christies gate 14, Bergen, Norway

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Today's talented Speakers!
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Hasan Gürsel

Department of Physics and Technology, University of Bergen

"How much do cakes clog?"

During oil and gas extraction there is always a much less pronounced third product. Despite having the
largest share in the total production, handling of the produced water is much less pronounced. On land,
it is common to put it back to where it came from. Unfortunately, things are a bit more nuanced for the

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Yiou Zhu


Nutrients and contaminants in seafood - Does size matter?

Seafood is known as a healthy and nutritious food category. However, the size of the organism may be important for how much nutrients and contaminants we will get.
We modelled data from around 15,000 individual fish from the Norwegian fishing areas in the Northeast Atlantic, and found size can be one of the most important drivers behind certain nutrients and contaminants.

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Carmen Nicolae

Polytechnic University of Bucharest / research visit at UiB

BYOB: Build-your-own-bones

Ever wished for a magic wand that could regrow bones? While in reality we don't have magic wands just yet, we've got the next best thing: 3D bioprinters. Instead of clunky metallic implants that can either patch or replace bone, custom-built and biodegradable printed structures containing your own cells could seamlessly regenerate your bone tissue.

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Eduard Nedelciu

Department of Geography, UiB

Drill more for the West!

In January this year, Norway became the first country in the world to authorize deep-sea mining in its waters. In his talk, Ed Nedelciu will walk us through what deep-sea mining is, why we talk about it in the first place, and debunk some of the sustainability myths spread by deep-sea mining proponents.

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