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15 May 2024 at 17:00:00

House of Nerds, Vulkan, Oslo, Norway

Wednesday Night: At the Interface of Science and Art

Today's talented Speakers!
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Irina Sandu


Perceiving The Scream through time and space while changing its colours - Irina Sandu

This presentation will showcase results and future perspectives on the research around the Scream, the most iconic motif of the art by Edvard Munch. From the MOLAB campaign performed in 2017 on 6 versions of the motif from MUNCH's collection to the PERCEIVE Eu-funded project, the lecture will show the research questions that helped in the exploration of this motif and how we answer to them.

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Fabrizio Palumbo


AI Investigative Journalism, how much of it can actually be AI? - Fabrizio Palumbo

In this talk, I will provide a small overview of the uses of IA in investigative projects, using specific projects from my coverage of Norwegian society as examples. I will focus on the challenges and opportunities that can arise from the integration of AI methodologies in the world of investigative journalism. I will also focus particularly on ethical considerations.

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Alec Rosłońska

University of Oslo

"I'm the motherfucker who found this place, sir" or gender dynamics in cinematic portrayals of counter-terrorism - Alec Rosłońska

How much do you know about counter-terrorism? Where does your knowledge come from? Chances are you’ve watched a thriller or two where the big bad terrorist was defeated by... Right, by whom? Let me take you on a brief cinematic journey where I look critically at three Hollywood blockbusters to see how our ideas about gender dynamics interact with how we imagine and think about counter-terrorism.

Wednesday Night: At the Interface of Science and Art
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