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15 May 2024 at 17:00:00

Blåveis, Søregata 22, Stavanger, Norway


Today's talented Speakers!
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Aksel Trøan


AI in cybersecurity

AI has made an impact in the field of cybersecurity in recent years. This presentation will examine its effects, focusing on both defense and offense within cybersecurity. The talk aims to provide a clear and straightforward overview, employing easy-to-understand language and terms.

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Kjersti Engan


Can we use AI in cancer diagnostics?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a powerful tool in various domains, and its potential impact on cancer diagnostics is a topic of great interest.  This talk will focus on digitized microscopy images of tissue samples for some example diseases. Through examples, we explore how AI and computer vision techniques can be used for cancer diagnostic tasks and provide support to pathologist.

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Hassan Zakaria


Fusion of AI and Art

“Unlocking the Boundless Creativity: Exploring the Fusion of AI and Art"
Witness the harmonious collaboration between human creativity and machine intelligence, as AI becomes a powerful tool in the hands of artists.
Join us on this extraordinary journey as we unravel the endless possibilities that arise when AI and art converge.

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