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14 May 2024 at 17:00:00

Blåveis, Søregata 22, Stavanger, Norway


Today's talented Speakers!
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Helena Kolesova


Phase transitions: in our kitchen or shortly after the Big Bang

In physics or chemistry, a phase transition refers to a change among different states of matter. We encounter a phase transition when we boil water for our morning coffee, but also different phase transitions happened in the Early Universe. In my talk I will explain how we could learn more about the latter phase transitions and how this knowledge helps to reveal other mysteries of our Universe.

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Delphine Crappe


Future of Food: Exploring the Potential of Cultivated Meat

The innovative realm of cellular agriculture/aquaculture poised to revolutionize the food industry. As the global population continues to grow, sustainable solutions for food production become crucial. Cultivated meat, grown in labs, offers a promising alternative to traditional farming. We will delve into the science behind cellular food and discuss the challenges and oportunities that lie ahead.

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Liza Van Sang


Sunlight degradable antibiotics

Bacterial resistance is one of the top ten human health problems and some microorganisms become very persistent, as many modern drugs are no longer effective in curing patients.
One solution developed by Magne Sydnes´s group at UiS is to use photodegradable antimicrobial compounds: molecules that can kill bacteria and break down into inactive fragments under the action of natural sunlight.

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