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13 May 2024 at 17:00:00

Blåveis, Søregata 22, Stavanger, Norway


Today's talented Speakers!
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Espen Olsen


The Good, the Bad, and Remote Work

In an era where virtual collaboration has become the norm, remote work offers both opportunities and challenges. Professor Espen Olsen will present downsides and upsides related to remote work, and how it might be linked to the individual worker, colleagues, and the workplace.

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Kjersti Tjensvoll


Monitoring of quality of life after cancer- the REBECCA study

Cancer treatment often leads to side effects, including fatigue (exhaustion) in breast cancer patients. In the EU funded project REBECCA, researchers aim to understand and address these challenges by collecting lifestyle data from smartwatches and apps to personalize the patient follow-up. Researchers from 7 countries participate in the project, and SUS is the only partner from Norway.

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Alina Meloyan


Investing in the Future or Paying the Price? Norway's Tuition Fees and the Labor Market Tomorrow

The talk will be about the transition from free to paid higher education for students coming to Norway from outside EU/EEA and its potential long-term effects on the workforce composition and dynamics in Norway, and Rogaland in particular

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