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15 May 2024 at 14:30:00

Storgata Camping, Storgata, Tromsø, Norway

Arctic Odyssey

The Arctic is an exciting place, and the talks today are all related to exploration of this unique part of the world: we will hear about navigating avalanches, maps from very early explorers of the North, and the local discovery of a brand-new bacteria.

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Today's talented Speakers!
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Tim Dassler

CARE - Center for Avalanche Research and Education, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Can philosophy save your life in an avalanche?

What can research teach us about how we can make better decisions in snow covered mountains and how can snow covered mountains teach us to make better decisions in every day life This is a short talk addressing the challenges we face as a society with the ever increasing amount of people venturing into the back country to enjoy North Norway´s stunning nature and snow covered mountains.

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Per Pippin Aspaas


The land of pygmies and monsters: glimpses from the Arctic map collection at UiT

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the very first Arctic explorations took place. The maps from that age not only express the mathematical and scientific knowledge of the time, they are also artistic artefacts with a rich symbolic language. Maps are often adorned with illustrations of indigenous peoples, exotic animals and mythological creatures, reflecting the mystique surrounding the Arctic.

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Pauline Cavanagh

Research Group for Child and Adolescents Health

Hunting new bacteria under the northern lights

Imagine that your doctor tells you that you have an infection caused by a bacterium they have never heard about. This might be the case, especially if you are male and 50+. If the infection happens to be a urinary tract infection or a genital wound, the chances are that you test positive for Staphylococcus borealis. Worried? Grab a pint and learn about a bacteria discovered right here in Tromsø

Arctic Odyssey
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