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14 May 2024 at 16:00:00

Pust.Cafe, Skippergata, Tromsø, Norway

Cognitive Cuisine

Our brains have a huge influence on our daily existence.

The talks today on courage, nutrient selection, and the pursuit of an Alzheimer’s cure may seem disparate, but all intersect at the profound impact our minds and brains have on our lives.

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Today's talented Speakers!
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Tove I. Dahl

Department of Psychology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

How dare you?!

You know that feeling when you really want to do something that feels daunting or overwhelming That’s the call to courage. That’s what Tove studies, along with her remarkable psychology students at UiT. Tove will explain what it takes to be courageous, touch on how she studies that, and give you tips for how to act on that desire to do something that is truly important to you when it counts.

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James McCutcheon


How the brain helps us find the foods we need

All animals - including humans - need to get nutrients from the world around them. As well as energy (calories), we need to give us protein, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. But how do we make sure of this? I will talk about my research - focused on the neurotransmitter dopamine - where we examine what happens when animals don't get enough protein and how this can change our appetite.

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Oliver Vanderpoorten


Accelerating Alzheimer's drug discovery - finding a cure for memory loss

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson and other neurodegenerative diseases have one thing in common – accumulations of misfolded proteins in the brain. Their size is related to toxicity and development of the disease. How can we see such small quantities of so-called amyloid protein? Accompanied by award-winning photography I present pioneering methods addressing the greatest healthcare challenge of our society.

Cognitive Cuisine
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