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14 May 2024 at 16:00:00

ØX Tap Room, Munkegata, Trondheim, Norway

Paths to Tomorrow: Building Clean, Designing Fair, Buying Better

Join us on Tuesday for an insightful evening focusing on "Paths to Tomorrow." Explore with us as we delve into the environmental impact of silicon solar cell production, unpack biases in smart system design, and learn about the potential of social procurement to transform welfare services. An evening full of practical insights, hope, and innovation for a better future.

Free event, register below
Today's talented Speakers!
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Gabriela Warden


Glass, bubbles, crystals, solar cells and the environment: how is it all connected?

Silicon solar cells are one of the most important green energy sources. Their production has expanded largely in the past years. To achieve a more environmentally friendly production process, it is crucial to understand the properties of materials used in it. My research focuses on the glass used for storing silicon during the process. This presentation gives an introduction into this topic.

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Alicia Takaoka

Department of Computer Science, NTNU

Design, Creation, and Participation: How to Include More People for an Ethical Design Process

With the promise of smart systems for climate neutrality embedded in our daily lives, researchers and the general public are questioning the process. Biases are embedded into systems that are intended to help people with no input in the design, creation, or development process gathered from those respective communities. This talk focuses on how to include the often-excluded from the design process

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Sophie Hunt


Buying Social: Leveraging Procurement

The Norwegian public sector and its budget are immense. It provides a high level of welfare but there are signs of stress and indications that it may not be sufficient or sustainable in the future. How it procures and provides needs to evolve; it needs to innovate. One way is to buy for social impact and here, it can better integrate social enterprises in the production and delivery of welfare.

Paths to Tomorrow: Building Clean, Designing Fair, Buying Better
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