Does junk food lower sex drive?

Interview with Jaume Ferrer Lalanza

You are probably trying to limit foods high in fats and sugars or junk foods in your diet to avoid being overweight, and you are absolutely right.

Dr. Jaume Ferrer Lalanza eating junk food!
Dr. Jaume Ferrer Lalanza eating junk food!

The truth is that junk food not only affects our body but also our brain. Junk food has shown to have anxiolytic and antidepressant effects on animals placed in high stressful states. This might be the reason why watching a movie with your favorite junk food appears to be an easy solution for emotional troubles. Eating junk food may temporarily distract your attention from life problems but it doesn't solve stress causes. What is even more interesting, is that chronic consumption of junk food products reduces some mechanisms of the reward system and could decrease the preference for other rewards review about the effects of junk food: Link).

But, could junk food even lower the desire for sex?

To get the answer, we interviewed Jaume Ferrer Lalanza is a postdoctoral researcher at The Arctic University of Norway (UiT)’s Behavioral and Translational Neuroscience group, where he investigates the risks of excessive junk food consumption on the brain reward system. Before coming to UiT, he studied the effects of lifestyle on brain function and health while completing his PhD in Health and Sport Psychology at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB).

1. Jaume, does junk food lower sex drive?

As you already know, excessive junk food consumption causes obesity and negatively affects the reward system, and may reduce the preferences for other rewards. High-fat diets and obesity are able to affect reproductive functions, a