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Waiting for #pint22: Special applied math
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Do you really know what applied mathematics is? How and why mathematical methods are used in other science fields?

Pint of Science Oslo dedicates an entire night to applied mathematics to discover something more about this specialized field and how practical problems can be solved through mathematical models. 
The event is free and in English!
Monday 28.03.22
6pm - 8pm
The event is also streamed on Youtube:

Marie Roald

The mathematical tools of brain imaging analysis

What do brain signals and Netflix likes have in common? And how can we uncover the hidden patterns underlying tables of data? You'll learn the answer to these questions in this talk about factorisation and neuroscience.


Dr. Ilse van Herck

The heart in my computer

The heart’s main function to pump blood through the body is facilitated by an electrical signal. The heart generates its own electrical signal, but computer models can replicate it. This enables researchers to simulate the heart beat at scales from protein function to a whole heart. Simulations teach us more about how the heart works, what effect medication can have and what the best treatment plan is. In this talk I will guide you through the electrical system of the heart and the power of simulation and modelling in this research field.

Computational Physiology department at Simula Research Laboratory

Dr. Mehmet Naci Akkøk

Mathematical, statistical and computational modeling

We will be looking at the concept and practice of modeling in the mathematical and computational world, … and end up with something like the history of Artificial Intelligence!

In-Virtualis, NorCAMD

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