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Waiting for #pint22: latest news from Italy
Did you know that approximately 25% of Oslo people are foreign?
We will travel with you all around the world
with a new series of events!
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21.10.21 18.30 - 21.30
The event is in English
The event is also streamed on Youtube:
Prof. Arnoldo Frigessi

Prof. Arnoldo Frigessi

Data science for the covid19 emergency

During the covid19 pandemics, I was part of team of data scientist who every week run models to produce estimates of the reproduction number R, short term predictions of the number of covid patients admitted to hospital and long term scenarios. I will first give you an idea of what these models are, and how uncertainty plays an important role. Then I will discuss how we tried to communicate our results to the public and the media, and finally I will argue that doing science during emergence is building evidence in a very special way.

Department of Biostatistics:

University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital


Prof. Luca Menegon

Prof. Luca Menegon

Hunting for fossil earthquakes in Norway

Earthquakes are among the most destructive natural events, but much is still unknown about them. Looking closely at rocks may give us important clues on how earthquakes form, on how much energy they release, and at which depth in the Earth’s crust they occur. In this presentation, I will bring you on a journey through spectacular rocks exposed in the stunning scenarios of the Lofoten islands in Norway, which contain evidence of ancient seismic activity. These rocks represent fossil earthquakes that occurred deep in the continental crust some hundreds of millions of years ago.

Department of Geosciences

University of Oslo


Ass. Prof. Sabrina Sartori

Ass. Prof. Sabrina Sartori

Sustainable energy for everyone, everywhere, with hydrogen storage

Game-changing energy storage: why do we need it? In this talk we will address the key technologies for energy storage, especially focusing on the challenges and opportunities of hydrogen production and storage.

Department of Technology Systems

University of Oslo

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