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Have you ever wondered what are the Lego blocks that built our Universe? Or what is the difference between one universe and another? At tonight’s event, our experts will take us on the journey to the ends of the universe and beyond to answer these questions.

Ticket = alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage at the venue

How to Build a Universe

22 May 2023

18:00 - 21:00

House of Nerds

Vulkan 18, Oslo, Norway

Event will be in English




University of Oslo

Everything that exists

A short introduction to everything that exists in the Universe (we think).



Fornebu, Norway

Forging elements in colliding neutron stars

What is the origin of the chemical elements that the Universe, including the earth and its plants, animals and humans consist of? This talk will tell the story how two colliding neutron stars can explain the origin of about 50% of all heavy elements such as gold, platinum and uranium.




Discovering the hidden structure of our universe

What is the geometry of our universe, and how do we know? How do we differentiate between the structure of two universes? What if our universe contains wormholes? Inspired by bike locks and coffee mugs, we adventure into the unknown.

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