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Waiting for #pint23: MED-night

This time, we want to share our knowledge about medicine ! You want to listen to a debate on how artificial intelligence is used in this field? Or what is the cycle between eggs and embryos... and eggs? Maybe you're interested in how #cells in our bodies are recycled? 
The event is free and in English!
Monday 12.12.22
6pm - 8.40pm
The event is also streamed on Youtube:

UiO institute for clinical medicine

Al Outa Amani

Autophagy-ON Autophagy-OFF: A timed ride

Cells clean themselves regularly and respond to stress to survive and stay fit. Autophagy is a cell recycling system that collects harmful material and either gets rid of it or reprocesses it into beneficial components. The cell should control autophagy tightly or diseases arise. We want to know more about genes that control the autophagy switch to have better targets in treating diseases.


Kumari Pooja

From egg to embryo and then back to egg

Eggs (and Sperms) are very specialized cells. When they come together, they give rise to an embryo, that goes on to make all kind of cells in in the body of an animal including the eggs and the sperms that give rise to next generation and keep the circle of life going. A fundamental question in biology is to understand how the specialized cells egg gets modified in to cells of an embryo that can become anything and also the egg.

ProCardio Center for Innovation & Oslo University Hospital

Balaban Gabriel & Pål Brekke

Debate: Does medical artificial intelligence need to be explainable?

Join us for an exciting debate about the future of medicine!
A computer scientist and a medical doctor will discuss whether or not we need to understand medical artificial intelligence.
Should doctors be able to fully explain AI predictions to their patients in order to use AI?

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